About Us

Miss Sophie & Sophie Dance

At this point many of you know the story and, if you are already a part of Sophie Dance, your children most definitely do. As a child I ran a fairly successful imaginary dance school right out of my bedroom. My American Girl dolls served as fantastic students, my hardwood floor certainly allowed for excellent tap dancing despite my mother’s horror and the empty pages in my notebooks made for perfect attendance records and choreography notes. I didn’t have a ballet barre or any mirrors but the reflection from my windows were sufficient after dark and my bedpost transformed for ballet class. Magic!

Then I grew up, sort of. I danced at The Dance Workshop in Westchester, New York, a completely wonderful recreational dance school that my own dance school is very much modeled after. Peggy Izzo was my teacher, my role model and a guiding light towards my future. After graduation I headed to Ithaca College studying ballet with Eugenia Wacker-Hoefflin and modern dance and choreography with Jean McGregor – both incredibly inspirational beautiful women who I will never forget. During my time at Ithaca I headed our student run dance company, IC Unbound. This dance company currently exists in Los Angeles under the direction of two classmates with whom I continue to dance – LA Unbound.

I always knew I would open a dance studio for children one day. And 310 S. La Brea seemed like the place to do it, well, until Yogurtland opened anyway! With a tiny amount of money and a very big dream I convinced the brokers to “trust me.” It was just a few months and many many “nos” before we were putting in the dance floors and the mirrors. Sophie Dance opened her doors on September 10, 2007 with forty-eight children enrolled and one dance teacher – me.

Today we offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and musical theatre for boys and girls ages two through eighteen. We offer classes in addition to private lessons Monday-Saturday September-May and weeklong summer camps June-August.

At Sophie Dance your child will learn dance technique. They will also learn the joy of dancing and self-expression. They will most importantly learn the essence of community, of listening, of interpreting, of trying, of failing, of succeeding, of happiness, of challenge, of strength and of weakness. I have been witness to ALL of this learning and it has been…well…magic.

I thank you for your interest in Sophie Dance. I thank you for encouraging your child to bring their imagination to life.

I believe life starts with our imagination and grows with the manifestation of our destiny.


About Dance Classes

“My soul is less interested in just teaching dance and really focused on how dance is this extraordinary engagement of energies and everything that goes into a dance experience for a child.” – Sophie

Sophie Dance is a recreational-dance school where your children will participate on a weekly basis in order to develop their dancing abilities and dip into the world of mind, body and soul connection. In our view, these goals can be reasonably achieved only in a program that encompasses multiple-class lessons. By attending multiple classes, your children will learn, improve upon and combine new skills and routines. For example, the fun that your children will have in classes in February and the routine they will perform in our May dance recital will be based in part on what they have already learned by participating in classes in September.

Sophie Dance is a non competitive dance studio that focuses on not only dance skills but creative movement, original choreography, dance as art and gently encourages your child’s self esteem with age appropriate expectations and the joy of dance.

In order for Sophie Dance to secure the services of top-quality teachers who will also commit themselves to teaching classes one year in advance, and who in turn will make themselves available for the hours that best suit demanding schedules and the needs of your children, we must conduct our multiple-class approach on a tuition-payment basis.

Under this policy, parents are required to pay the tuition for their children’s instruction a minimum of 11 weeks, in advance, under what is effectively a trimester system, with each trimester consisting of approximately eleven weeks of classes.

About Dance Camps

Sophie Dance just may be the happiest place in Los Angeles. It’s a place where parents go to smile and kids go to laugh and have so much fun! Sheer joy. – Audrey D.

Sophie’s Summer Dance Camp is the number one destination for summer camp for girls and boys ages 4-10. Sophie Dance has created an extraordinary way to get away from the TV and have a blast. Each week of Dance Camp has a special theme. It could be based on a movie, a TV show, a Broadway musical or even Michael Jackson. Dancers spend the week creating a story, learning tons of dances practicing, creating a set and costumes – all things leading up to the end-of-the-week show. Anyone who goes to camp tired and miserable is guaranteed to come back excited and smiling with a new friend by their side. Some people have enjoyed their experience at Sophie Dance so much they signed up their child every week for several years in a row.

Girls and Boys ages 11 or older can sign up to be a C.I.T. (counselor-in-training) and help the teachers with camp.