Standing Ovations

Feedback from Parents & Dancers

Ms. Brandi didn’t miss a beat (no pun intended). She jumped right into class and our son had a blast. Teaching is not easy, and it is more than a skill–it is a gift, and Ms. Brandi is a great, gifted teacher. She tuned right in to where each boy was developmentally, and tailored what she said to–and did with–each of them. We are so excited to continue this class, and to move with you all into your new big space on 3rd street in July–Congratulations on your school–it is a treasure.

Paul G.

Sophie, another fantastic year. The recital was sweet and delicious in every way. The spirit of Sophie dance is so fabulous and we feel very blessed to be a part of the community.

Leslie L.

The recital was INCREDIBLE. We had a big group of 10, plus our toddlers and everyone had a great time. The community you have created is so warm and supportive that it is just so lovely to watch all the dancers and celebrate them all. I feel so lucky that we found you and that our daughter has this experience.

Anne T.

Every year there’s something about Sophie & the Sophie Dance recital I marvel at… This year was the fact that parents & loved-ones across the U.S. frankly feel some dread for the draggy, over-long dance recital they must attend with other people’s kids on stage oh-so-cute (but wasting their time)… NOT AT SOPHIE DANCE!! You perfected the program by assigning one-hour blocks with swift & friendly intermissions! (And the numbers were GREAT, by the way! Especially the book-ends with the older girls…) I cannot believe, in four years, how you turned the Titanic, utterly going AGAINST the LA grain by de-escalating – rather than revving up – the hype-y Hollywood nonsense.

Jody G.

My daughter has been going to Sophie Dance since she was a toddler in a tutu and tap shoes. and last spring, she performed her first solo at the annual Sophie Dance Recital. Sophie gives her undivided love and attention to each and every little dancer that passes through her doors. She has given my daughter a passion for dance, through hard work and dedication. She has also taught her the importance of both commitment and teamwork. And most of all, every dancer has fun! They are able to express themselves through movement and music and laughter. The memories Sophie has given our family are the treasures of a lifetime.

Megan Derry

Sophie Dance just may be the happiest place in Los Angeles. It’s a place where parents go to smile and kids go to laugh and have so much fun! Sheer joy.

Audrey D.

The new Sophie Dance Studio is perfect! A whimsical feel as you walk in, the waiting room is spacious and gorgeous; it feels like a family room in your house that you could just kick back, relax and sip a cup of coffee with your friends! There is a mini boutique where you can get everything you need to dress your ballerina. The separate changing area with 2 bathrooms provides some privacy before and after class. One of the dance studio has a mini door specifically for the littlest dancers and is just darling. Both dance studios are a dream for any ballerina! And in my opinion, the 28 spaces parking lot is a dream for any LA parent! My daughter started dancing at Sophie Dance when she was not even 3, and she looks forward to dance with Miss Sophie every week! This summer instead of taking weekly classes, we opted for a couple week long day camp, and my daughter asks when we will be going back to class every week. She could not get enough of Sophie Dance! We have had the privilege to dance with 4 teachers during our 3 years at Sophie Dance; everyone of them are wonderful, professional, caring and passionate about the kids, and teach them to love to dance and enjoy a variety of music. My son who is not even 2 is also enjoying his share of Sophie Dance class. What I love the most is the sense of community Sophie Dance created. Our family has made some long lasting connections here, and I particularly appreciate the giving back to the community Miss Sophie and Miss Brandi created. Every holiday season, all the families can participate in purchasing a new blanket for at Cesar Chavez LA Family Housing Project where they volunteer their time to teach dance to the less fortunate kids monthly. By participating in this project, it helped create some great holiday traditions for our family. Thank you Sophie Dance for all the fond memories we have created here, and for many more years to come!

Stephanie W.