Spring Break Camp (3rd Street)

Join Miss Tera & Miss Lauren for an exciting TROLL’S INSPIRED SPRING BREAK CAMP this April!
Camp Dates: Monday, April 10th – Friday, April 13th
Camp Hours: 9AM-3PM
Ages: Kiddos 4 – 10 years (will enjoy camp together)
Camp Performances: 11:30 & 2:15 on Friday along with a Holiday Party!
Cost: $350.00

What to Bring: A lunch, snack and 2 drinks daily.

What to Wear: Anything your child can dance and play in comfortably. No dance shoes required.

* Is my 4 year old ready for dance camp?  Our camps used to only be offered for ages 5-10 but after much demand and finding that many 4 year olds could hang we extended our age range. However, in our experience not all 4 year olds are ready for a full-day of dance camp even if they are already in school 9am – 3pm. 

If you have a 4 year old who is very active and LOVES to dance, is fully potty trained including being able to wipe themselves, you think they are capable of cleaning up their lunch and in general feel they would participate in all of the dancing that is done then send them over!  We are not staffed to babysit during camp hours, so want to be sure 4 year olds signing up are able to make it through the full day with us!  Of course we offer ample amounts of break time between dancing, but when it is dance time we do ask them,and expect them to participate like the other kids!